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Strip and Wax Resilient Floors

The definition of stripping is to remove all pre-existing coats of seal and/or finish. Refinishing or Waxing, is the application of new layers of sealer and floor finish (wax). Modern day floor finishes do not contain any waxes.

Some manufacturers of vinyl floor coverings will recommend products and procedures as maintenance requirements. Understanding the floor surface may take some time, but it can save you a bundle in replacement costs should you damage a floor covering.

Stripping is the most important function of the vinyl floor maintenance program. It is the beginning and the end. Everything in-between rests on the foundation that is provided by this service. The function of stripping (removing all existing coatings) is necessary at the end of the floor maintenance life cycle. The function of reapplying coatings is the beginning of the new cycle. It is impossible to have one without the other when performing the service procedure.

Stripping is the least performed of the hard floor maintenance services. It requires the most investment of time, physical labor and money. Careful consideration should be used when planning for this service because of these factors. Floormaster Concrete Design primary objective of any hard floor is to put as much time as possible between performing the stripping and refinishing service procedures. This is accomplished by laying a good foundation during the process of performing the service.

There is a misconception in the floor care industry that floors must be striped once annually. Over the years, Floormaster Concrete Design has found that a properly maintained floor can go many months, often years between a full strip and refinish (strip & wax).  Let Floormaster Concrete Design help you develop the correct daily and periodic floor care program.  We will build a program that is guaranteed to keep your floors in top condition all the time.

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