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Concrete & Epoxy Overlays & Designs


We know what people want as it pertains to flooring: unique, beautiful, durable, easy to clean and long lasting but not boring or expensive like tile or other floor coverings. You want something better. Something different. Floormaster Concrete Design has the answer, concrete & epoxy overlays and designs. With unlimited designs, patterns, textures and color options, your only limited by your imagination.

Lets face the facts. Tile cracks easily, grout lines stain and cost can become an issue. Wood scratches far too easily and the thought of refinishing it every few years can be scary. Carpeting is difficult to keep clean, therefore it is not hygienic, and is not as durable as its price reflects. With Floormaster Concrete Design, you will no longer need to be concerned with the shortcomings of other floor coverings.

Property owners, architects and designers want our flooring products because they are ultra tough, easy to maintain, cost effective, and completely unique. Call or email for free ideas and estimates.

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