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Commercial Exterior Decorative

General contractors, designers, landscape architects, and business owners choose Floormaster Concrete Design for their exterior commercial flooring needs for many reasons, including affordability, durability, ease of installation, and lasting beauty.

From sidewalks and driveways, to restaurant patios, exterior reception areas and strip malls, floormaster concrete Design flooring can be found just about everywhere.

Stain is a popular option for exterior commercial floors because it can provide wide expanses of concrete with rich, vibrant color that is low maintenance and high durability. Floormaster Concrete Design offers various stained concrete designs, color options, and application techniques that will give a unique look for your exterior floors that can complement surrounding architecture.

Stamped concrete,  are the most common option for exterior commercial flooring. Brick, slate, random stone and wood plank patterns are also popular designs that look natural and authentic, and can blend easily with existing stone, tile, and wood facades.

Floormaster Concrete Design resurfacing overlay system utilizes real stone molds to give your exterior commercial spaces the same type of textures found in nature. And our cutting-edge, hand-cut overlay process allows us to create unique finishes that resemble flagstone and cobblestone. All of our products offer built-in UV coloring protection and, along with our top-of-the-line sealers, provide beautiful, durable, low-maintenance surfaces for your business.


Commercial concrete floors are ideal for high-traffic environments because they withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic and resist abrasions and stains. Concrete floors can also be given slip-resistant textures and finishes, and all of our concrete surfaces come with a two-year warranty*!


Commercial decorative concrete floor installations are cost-effective when you already have an existing concrete slab that is ready for stamping, staining, or resurfacing with a decorative overlay. The price is often far lower than the cost of carpet, marble, or wood, and rarely requires replacing.

Low Maintenance

Exterior concrete surfaces can be pressure washed or scrubbed with a mild detergent. Interior concrete floors repel spills, mold and allergens unlike commercial carpeting and other options. Concrete can be easily cleaned with a wet mop and neutral-pH cleaner. With proper care, concrete commercial floors can look the same after years of use.

Ideal For:
– Retail stores
– Hotels and casinos
– Office buildings
– Schools and universities
– Automobile dealership showrooms
– Professional and collegiate sports arenas
– Shopping malls and retail space

Benefits of Our Commercial Flooring Systems:
– Nearly unlimited designs, patterns, textures and color options
– Complete project customization
– Extremely affordable and cost effective
– Durability for high traffic areas including vehicular traffic
– Low maintenance compared to other flooring products
– Quick installation time compared to other flooring products
– VOC free – Being GREEN is important to us
– Much more value over the life of the floor compared to traditional alternatives
– Can be installed pre or post construction
– For new or existing floors



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