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Cleaning & Restoration

Floormaster Concrete Design offers professional deep cleaning and carpet repair.  We use environmentally friendly techniques and non-toxic and biodegradable detergents for ultra clean carpets that are safe for you, your pets & the environment.

Regular vacuuming of your carpet removes dry soil and debris, but leaves behind oily particles produced from pets, cooking vapors, and dirt tracked in from the outside.

Regular deep cleaning of your carpet will prevent the buildup of these oily contaminants which can decrease the air quality of your home, damage the fibers of your carpet, and cause it to look dull and faded.

Properly maintaining your carpet with professional carpet cleaning will improve its appearance, extend its life, and help to create a clean, healthy indoor environment. Our experienced technicians are skilled in all carpet cleaning methods and can determine the appropriate method to use to effectively clean your carpets. We provide high powered truck mounted “steam” cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning methods that are specifically designed to extract deep soil, remove nearly any stain, eliminate pet odors, kill harmful bacteria, and restore high traffic areas. We even repair burns, holes, tears, and wrinkles in your carpet.

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