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Commercial Carpeting

Carpets can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your home and business. Floormaster Concrete Design offers a variety of top quality, name brand choices. 

Floormaster Concrete Design has been supplying businesses with commercial carpeting services for over 25 years. Our many customers can attest to the fact that our work is professional and efficient. We know what a disruption to your business can cost, that is why we do our best to make your carpet installation as efficient and painless as possible. We will schedule our work to coincide with your off hours, to minimize the disruption to your employees and your business.

We carry a very wide selection of carpets and carpet tiles, and we have something that is suitable for any commercial environment. Whether you are looking for flooring for a high traffic office, a busy retail location, or any other commercial space, we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

With your carpeting chosen, we will prepare an estimate and installation timeline for you. Depending on the size of the job, we may be able to perform the installation in an evening, or it may need to be stretched out across several days. Regardless of the length of the job, your business’s work space will be available and clean when your employees need it.

With our years of experience and expertise, we will be happy to work with you to find the perfect carpeting solution for your work space.


Residential Carpeting

Everyone wants their home to be warm and inviting. Why not start from the bottom up? Nothing makes a house into a home quite like luxurious wall to wall carpeting. Whether you want to replace your home’s old carpets or install new carpets for the first time, Floormaster Concrete Design is here to help. We have built our reputation on quality work and customer service. Feel free to browse our manufactures web sites, or stop in and look at a wide variety of carpeting options.

Advantages of carpeting in your home:

  • Carpets can help reduce asthma and allergies in your home. Carpets act like an air filter that cleans the air in your home. As dust, pollen, and other allergens settle to the floor, they will be trapped in your carpet. Regular vacuuming removes those contaminants from your carpet.
  • Carpeting helps reduce noise. A layer of carpeting absorbs noise generated by TVs, computers, stereos, and loud conversations. Fewer echoes in your home means less noise irritation. Carpets also help reduce noise transmission between floors.
  • Carpets provide warmth. They add R-value to your home, which means better insulation.
  • Carpets can be chosen to match any decor. They come in virtually any color and pattern imaginable. You can always find a carpet that will look great in any room.
  • Carpets resist mold. Unlike most other building materials, carpets are almost completely resistant to mold. Carpets are made of synthetic fibers, and provide nothing for molds to grow on, as long as they are kept clean and dry.
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